The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 161-170 (2024)

Chapter: 161
At this time, Wang Zhenggang spoke up, “Everyone be at ease, Master Yu is also thinking about the development of our metaphysical world, in the past, we were all scattered, but now we are all organized, forming an alliance and electing a head, in the future the same enemy, it is more convenient to do things, which is also considered a good thing. As for the discipline that you guys say you’re not good at, since you’re going to elect a head, it’s definitely someone who needs to be proficient in all of the mountain medicine and fortune telling to be qualified to take it on.”
As he spoke, some people objected harshly, but there were also some who were making plans in their hearts.
After all, the winner could seize the same thing the loser had, and if he got the first place, he could also command the entire Southern Canton’s metaphysical world.
It must be known that metaphysics wasn’t just about studying academics.
Behind metaphysics, there was a huge industrial chain, and it also allowed some big names to climb themselves!
The lure of money and power, not many could refuse, and some were tempted on the spot.
“Of course.” Yu Jinghai got up and said, “I’m not forcing you all, if anyone is afraid, they can quit now. But in the future, he will no longer have the chance to join the Southern Canton Realm’s mystical alliance, and will be directly excluded.”
Everyone hesitated for a while, although the risk was high, there were many opportunities contained within it.
Everyone was calculating in their hearts, after all, being able to become an alliance master was a great temptation, and no one felt inferior.
Ye Chen sat on his chair and said nothing. A second to remember to read the book
Yu Jinghai’s ambition was too great, this was to pave the way for a move into the mainland.
However, Ye Chen had no interest in this mystical alliance and planned to sit and watch the show.
Soon, a short-bearded middle-aged man stood up
This middle-aged man casually touched a palm-sized jade slip, and with a shake of the wind, the jade slip gleamed and spoke, “Yun City Zhang Yang, please teach Master Yu the skill of casual divination.”
The Zhang family was a family of metaphysics, specializing in divination and Yi, which was inherited from Shao Yong during the Northern Tang Dynasty.
Zhang Yang was the forty-sixth generation direct descendant of the Plum Blossom Easy Count, and was extremely famous in Yun City, so naturally, he was proud and the first to challenge was Yu Jinghai!
The arena erupted in applause.
Zhang Yang raised his chin conceitedly, “This jade slip was handed down from the Northern Tang Dynasty, and has helped many Yi masters to divine Yi! In terms of being number one in the Southern Canton region, I think the Zhang family should be ranked.”
Yu Jinghai also walked onto the scene, nodded slightly at Zhang Yang and smiled, “This jade slip is indeed a good thing, but it won’t belong to you any time soon…”
He reached into his pocket and took out a purse, and after unwrapping it, he took out an inch-long talisman paper, but this talisman paper also had a fluorescent luster, with cinnabar runes engraved on it .
“Luo Han Golden Talisman!”
The crowd let out an exclamation when they saw this golden talisman.
Song Wanting opened her mouth to explain to Ye Chen, “The Luo Han Golden Talisman was made by eighteen high monks who chanted for seventy-seven and forty-nine days and opened the light to refine it, and it belongs to a rigid talisman for suppressing evil.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Rare and ordinary, it’s not much of a good thing.”
Hearing his words, the crowd looked at him sideways and cast a look of disgust at him.
Yu Jinghai also sneered coldly, “No real ability, bragging tone is not small.”
Everyone knew that the Luohan Golden Talisman was a rare treasure, it was not easy just to find all eighteen accomplished monks, and it also had the right timing and location to make it, with a failure rate of up to ninety percent to open the light!
And this one in Yu Jinghai’s hand, with its golden light throughout, could be said to be hard to find!
“Cut the crap, start the gossip.”
Zhang Yang snorted coldly, then cupped a few hand seals in his hand continuously, chanted a recipe, and after a moment, he spoke, “The hour starts the gossip, after a quarter of an hour, there is wind and thunder coming from the west.”
Yu Jinghai smiled slightly, and without seeing any action, he opened his mouth and said, “Shock up xun down, this wind wrapped thunder is coming, to be exact, this is not wind, but a tremor caused by the opening of the mountain, and it is man-made, this person is going to be in jail.”
Zhang Yang’s brows furrowed as he shook his head, “Impossible! The gossip doesn’t show anyone.”

Chapter: 162
Master Yu just smiled and did not answer.
Everyone was curious and secretly waiting.
A quarter of an hour passed quickly, and Zhang Yang was staring at the air with some tension.
At this moment, a loud bang was suddenly heard from the west, followed by a gust of wind, and the ground shook slightly.
Wang Zhenggang smiled and took out his mobile phone, and spoke, “Just got a news feed, over in the western mountain, someone is privately mining rocks, causing a 2.4 magnitude earthquake, the police have arrested them.”
Zhang Yang’s face was deathly pale, frozen on the spot, he had only calculated that there was a wind and thunder, but Master Yu had even calculated that the matter was man-made and there would be jail time.
He raised his head, having lost his arrogance just now, and smiled awkwardly, “Master Yu is great, it’s Zhang who has lost, I’ll withdraw from this banquet!”
After saying that, he picked up the jade slip and turned to walk away.
“Slow!” Wang Zhenggang snapped, “Master Zhang, since you went on the field to compete, you should follow the rules.”
“What rules?” Zhang Yang’s face was indignant.
“As a rule, the winner has the right to take what’s yours! And you will also have to admit in public that you will be honored as Master Yu in the future.”
“Nonsense! It’s only a banquet, and you guys want to take my magic weapon and make me serve others, simply dreaming.”
Zhang Yang laughed in anger, he had a fiery personality, how could he tolerate being subservient to others.
Yu Jinghai raised his hand, took out another talisman, drew a few times with his finger, and then recited the words, “Rush like a law”.
In full view of the crowd, Zhang Yang’s jade slip suddenly broke in half from its break and fell to the ground.
Zhang Yang’s treasure was destroyed and was so shocked and furious that he was trembling with rage.
Yu Jinghai proudly said, “If you don’t follow the rules, it’s only right to destroy it! I don’t even want trash like you when I give it away!”
Zhang Yang’s face was ashen, and he knew that he and Yu Jinghai were not even a little bit apart in terms of Daoism.
He didn’t even have the strength to fight back when he destroyed his treasures with a single blow.
Taking a glance at the jade slip on the ground, Zhang Yang gritted his teeth and said, “It was my low Daoist skill that was inferior to others!”
After saying that, he didn’t even pick up the jade slip on the ground and left with a black face.
And seeing this scene, the faces of everyone present changed, this Yu Jinghai, was simply unfathomable, those who felt confident just now, now hesitated.
Li Tailai also frowned and asked Guo Ming a few questions in a low voice.
Immediately afterwards, Li Tailai stood up, threw his hands in hatred, and said, “What is there to participate in this kind of silly banquet, everyone take their leave!”
Saying that, he took Guo Ming and walked outside.
Suddenly four strong men dressed in black leaped out from the left and right, blocking the way.
Li Tailai said in an angry voice, “What are you doing?”
“Mr. Li, if you’re here, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”
Yu Jinghai stepped forward and smiled slightly, “My banquet is not a place where you can come and go as you please, if you want to leave now, wouldn’t you be breaking the rules?”
Li Tailai coldly snorted, “I’m not one of you mystics, you choose your own ally masters, what’s it to do with me!”
Yu Jinghai snorted coldly, “If you want to leave, leave your things down and recognize me!”

Chapter: 163
At any rate, Li Tailai was a respectable figure, and was so enraged by Yu Jinghai’s words that he said, “What do you mean?”
“Li, let me take care of him!”
Guo Ming at the side said in a deep voice, stepping forward and scolding, “If you dare to stop me again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
Seeing that Guo Ming was about to make a move, the crowd cheered.
“Master Guo, let this Hong Kong City stinking Taoist have a taste of our Southern Guangxuan Master’s power.”
“An outsider who still wants to unify the Southern Canton mystical world, a fool’s dream.”
“Beat him back, Southern Canton cannot tolerate him to go wild.”
But Yu Jinghai smiled coldly and said, “If you are not convinced, you can try your hand!”
Guo Ming was furious and punched at Yu Jinghai, the punch was majestic, it was obvious that Guo Ming was no ordinary person.
“Just you?” The first thing that happened was that a man with a yellow talisman was placed on his head by Yu Jinghai, who was already in front of Guo Ming.
“What a fast bodywork.” Song Wanting said in surprise.
But Guo Ming was as if he had been under a fixation spell, but he stiffened and didn’t move, leaving only his eyes able to swivel around, revealing a moment of panic.
Yu Jinghai was calm and relaxed, smiling slightly and suddenly scolded harshly.
“Get down!”
As if he had heard the order, Guo Ming actually got down on all fours at once.
“Master Guo!” Li Tailai sucked in a breath of cold air and shouted in alarm.
The surrounding crowd also looked at each other, all stunned.
With such a move, Guo Ming didn’t even have the room to resist, how powerful was this!
Guo Ming was lying on the ground, annoyed to death, but his body didn’t even listen to him, and his mouth raged, “Old dog! What kind of evil art are you doing.”
“With your three-legged skill, you still have the nerve to challenge me?” Master Yu snorted sarcastically and suddenly scolded, “Bark for me!”
Guo Ming was horrified and tried to close his mouth.
But his mouth did not obey his orders, even his vocal cords could not be controlled, and a dry “woof” sound was emitted from his mouth.
Li Tailai was so shocked that his body almost fell over.
Guo Ming was already over sixty years old, but now he was lying in front of Master Yu like a dog, barking vaguely like a dog.
It had been a funny scene, but the place was silent.
The crowd watched in awe, and a sudden fear grew on their backs.
How powerful was it that Yu Jinghai had defeated two Masters in a row in less than ten minutes?
“Puppetry, this is the long lost Xiangxi Puppetry!” Bao Fugui murmured, his face in shock.
After he finished speaking, a sound of cold air was sucked from the arena.
The Puppet Technique had been passed down from Xiangxi, originally a secret technique inherited from the ancestors of the corpse chasing people, but it was now lost.
Unexpectedly, they were able to witness it with their own eyes, which was enough to show that Yu Jinghai’s dao technique was so profound and inscrutable that it was simply unmatched by anyone here!

Chapter: 164
Guo Ming was still lying on the ground, his old face flushed with embarrassment, but he couldn’t control it at all, he even had the desire to die.
Yu Jinghai waved his hand, and Guo Ming went limp, directly paralyzed on the ground, ashamed to the core.
“How, Master Guo, are you convinced or not?” Wang Zhenggang laughed.
Guo Ming clenched his teeth, blood oozing from his teeth, and muttered bitterly, “Obey…. Convinced…”
Seeing that Guo Ming had even bowed his head and admitted defeat, the entire courtyard was silent, and no one dared to utter a word anymore.
And it was only immediately after that that Yu Jinghai turned his head to Ye Chen and spoke, “Stealing my giant clam treasure that day, and seeing my magic skills today, do you still dare to be arrogant?”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “You’re the only one who counts jutsu with these two moves?”
Song Wanting even pulled Ye Chen a hand and whispered, “Now hurry up and be soft, this Yu Jinghai does have some skills, don’t lose your life for those indifferent dignity.”
Yu Jinghai sneered and said, “Young and ignorant, I ask you, would you dare to compete with me! If you lose, give me back the giant clam and apologize to me on your knees!”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, “A contest? What kind of a person are you that you deserve to have me do it?” One second to remember to read the book
The crowd turned pale, this kid dared to speak out like that! He doesn’t want to live?
There was dead silence in the silent courtyard.
Song Wanting also stood up in shock, this can’t be good….
Yu Jinghai was even more furious and laughed back, stepping in front of Ye Chen and spoke, “I’ve seen many people in my life, but none of them are like you, deliberately seeking death.”
Ye Chen smiled, “It’s not certain who will live and who will die.”
Yu Jinghai had already had a death wish, and with a cold look in his eyes, he was about to strike.
And at this moment, a group of people suddenly barged in outside the door, menacing.
The leader was none other than Qin Aodong, who saw Ye Chen at a glance and immediately shouted harshly, “Ye Chen, you’re a prodigy, playing tricks to coax my second uncle! You cheated my family out of our money and took it to the auction to get the big bucks. Thank goodness Master Yu figured out your trick! You quickly hand over your belongings now, or else my Qin family will not spare you.”
As soon as the words fell, Qin Gang and Qin Ao Xue walked in from the door, after hearing Qin Ao Dong’s harsh rebuke, it was too late to stop it, a moment of embarrassment.
Ye Chen faintly glanced at him and didn’t say anything.
But his glance made Qin Gang chill all over his body, and a sudden fear arose, and snapped at Qin Ao Dong, explaining to Ye Chen with a dry smile: “Master Ye, the thing is…”
Qin Gang didn’t dare to conceal it and explained what had happened.
After listening to it, Ye Chen just frowned slightly and said indifferently, “It’s just over one hundred million, if you go back on your word, the money can be refunded to you at any time.”
“Oh Master Ye don’t say that, how would I dare to ask you for a refund ah! I’ve come over today because Qin Mou has heard of the masters for a long time and wanted to meet them.”
Qin Gang couldn’t figure out now whether Ye Chen was capable or a big bluffer, but he was considered a smart man, so he wasn’t prepared to turn against Ye Chen right away.
Although he was complimentary, he hesitated in his heart for a while, thinking that, if Ye Chen couldn’t test the depth of this person himself, then he might as well let Yu Jinghai try.
If Ye Chen reveals himself in front of Yu Jinghai, then he naturally won’t be polite to him and will have to spit out the amount of money he has spent, along with the interest.
So, he accosted the rest of Ye Chen himself and said, “Then I won’t bother you masters for the competition, we’ll talk about this later, you guys are busy with the important matter at hand first, don’t mind me.”
Qin Aodong angrily tried to open his mouth, but he was stared at by Qin Gang, not daring to speak again.
Yu Jinghai, seeing this, smiled at Qin Gang and said, “You’re just in time, I know that your Qin family has been in a state of unrest lately, and Ye Chen has also done magic in your Qin family, I’ll have a contest with him today, and by the way, I’ll completely solve the problem for your Qin family! Ye Chen, if you don’t dare to compete with me, not only will you die today, but afterwards, I’ll also doom your entire family!”
Ye Chen frowned a bit and spoke with a cold smile, “Since you are bent on death, then it is as you wish.”

Chapter: 165
Seeing Ye Chen carry it to the end, Yu Jinghai sneered and said to Wang Zhenggang, “It seems someone is really tired of living, let’s just say, you go and prepare three pillars of sandalwood incense for me, a purple and gold incense ash burner, and a peachwood sword, I’ll fulfill him.”
Wang Zhenggang didn’t dare to slack off and quickly prepared everything.
In a short while, the incense burner was inserted with sandalwood incense, and smoke curled up.
Master Yu held up the peachwood sword and recited his words.
But Qin Gang, who was standing beside him, felt dizzy, as if several lead balls had been stuffed into his head, and his temples were pounding.
He endured for a while, but couldn’t take it anymore and pleaded, “Master Yu, how much longer is this Feng Shui Bureau…. How long is it still?”
“Your home is extremely heavy with yin energy, this is a vision, the Feng Shui Bureau also needs time, you bear with it for now.”
Seeing Master Yu speak, Qin Gang could only endure with a hard scalp.
But the more he endured, the more uncomfortable he felt, not only did he feel nauseous and want to vomit, but his head also had a sharp pain.
But fortunately, an object on his chest instantly emitted majestic warmth, protecting his heart area, so that Qin Gang did not collapse on the spot.
Qin Gang was shocked, “Isn’t this the frightening talisman given by Ye Chen?”
Yu Jinghai, not knowing what was in his mind, took a mouthful of water, “poof” sprayed it on the peach wood sword, and swung it towards the curling smoke.
Just as the wooden sword sliced through the smoke, Qin Gang felt as if his head had been hit hard, his throat sweetened and he puffed out a mouthful of blood with a “poof”.
“Second Uncle!”
Qin Aodong was so shocked that he rushed forward and held him up.
And Qin Gang’s face was deadly pale, he didn’t even have the strength to speak.
“Master Yu, what happened to my second uncle?” Qin Aodong was so anxious that he questioned loudly.
Yu Jinghai’s face remained unchanged and said, “The Qin family’s yin energy is too heavy, I broke it with a rigid feng shui bureau, and the master of the family naturally bore the brunt of it, this blood spurting out, that is, breaking the fury, and the Qin family’s yin energy is also dissolved.”
Qin Gang even dragged his sick body and struggled to thank him, “Thank you Master Yu for setting up the game, I am grateful.”
After this spurt of blood, he did feel much more relaxed in his body.
Not only this, Qin Ao Dong also felt the change in his body and also busy thanking Jing Hai.
Bao Fugui frowned and said, “This Yu Jinghai is really capable, the Qin family’s fury is so heavy, he can defuse it, he really has two brushes.”
The people present were all Feng Shui masters, they knew without explanation that Yu Jinghai had broken the Qin family’s fury, and looked at him with admiration.
“Second Uncle, let’s go sit over there.” Qin Aodong assisted Qin Gang to one side, then turned to Ye Chen and said provocatively, “How is it, divine rod? Hurry up and return our Qin family’s money.”
Ye Chen trailed off and said, “The money can be returned to you, but I’m afraid that Qin Gang won’t have the life to spend it…”
“What!” Qin Gang was shocked.
Ye Chen looked at him coldly and said, “Look at your palm, is there a red line.”
Qin Gang looked ugly and quickly turned up his palm, looking dumbfounded.
Only to see that a faint red line really appeared on his palm.
This red line started from the lifeline of the palm and extended all the way up to the arm!
Qin Gang was shocked, “What is this, I didn’t have it before.”

Chapter: 166
Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “This is your lifeline, the Qin family fury is raging, and the method that Yu Jinghai did was to use your life to defuse it! Three days later, this red line extends up to your elbow, and by then you’re dead! Use the virtue accumulated from your lifetime of good deeds to exchange for the continuation of the Qin family lineage.”
When Qin Gang heard this, he was scared to stay in the place.
Qin Aodong was also in a state of panic and was busy looking at the crowd present.
The masters present, seeing this scene, also nodded gently, Qin Gang, indeed, would not live for three days.
Qin Aodong plopped down on his knees and begged at Yu Jinghai, “Master Yu, please, please save my second uncle again!”
Yu Jinghai looked arrogant and sneered, “The Dao is already out, how can I take it back, using a life of Qin Gang for the life of your family, you should thank me.”
Qin Ao Xue also blanched, biting her lower lip and struggling for a long while before she poofed and kneeled in front of Ye Chen and spoke, “Please, save my father…”
Ye Chen glanced at her and said calmly, “Since your Qin family has chosen to trust Yu Jinghai, it has nothing to do with me, so why should I be allowed to do anything?”
Qin Ao Xue’s eyes were red and she bit her teeth and said, “If you can save my dad, I’ll agree to any request you have…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I’m not interested in you…”
Qin Gang also ran over and kneeled in front of Ye Chen and cried out, “Master Ye, I was blinded by lard, and it’s all because of Qin Ao Dong, the lost star who compelled me.”
As he spoke, Qin Gang pulled Qin Aodong and slapped him in the face like a life.
Qin Ao Dong dodged repeatedly.
Qin Ao Xue also grabbed Ye Chen’s leg and cried, “You just save my dad, please…”
Ye Chen sighed and said, “Okay, all of you stand up, it was just to scare you, nothing at all, fortunately your father has a frightening talisman with him, otherwise there wouldn’t be time to hit Qin Ao Dong now.”
Qin Gang looked suspicious, pulled out the frightening talisman from his bosom and spoke, “Is it this talisman that worked?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “The red line will soon fade, with Yu Jinghai’s two skills, it’s still far from enough to break my talisman.”
Qin Gang looked down at his arm, and indeed saw that the red line had dimmed a lot and was fading, and was not overjoyed, and spoke up, “Thank you, Master Ye, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be… today…”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “It’s your own luck and you brought the talisman over, otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered to care if you lived or died.”
After saying that, Ye Chen turned to look at Yu Jinghai and spoke, “Now that the result is obvious, you still won’t admit defeat?”
Qin Aodong also finally reflected at this time and kneeled on the ground, not stopping to apologize to Ye Chen.
Yu Jinghai turned blue, stared at Ye Chen fiercely and spoke, “With some small tricks, you dare to say that you have won? I wanted to spare your life, but who knew you would be stubborn and finally give you a chance to hand over the giant clam and apologize on your knees!”
He didn’t want to use his last card, but as it was, Ye Chen had already defeated him, bringing his quiet layout to naught!
Moreover, once he uses his cards, even he can’t fully control them, and everyone here may die!
Ye Chen’s face also gradually turned cold and said, “What if I say no?”
“You made me do it!” As soon as Yu Jinghai finished speaking, he took out a black porcelain jar from the box beside him.
Several black mosquitoes flew out from the jar, instantly pouncing on the meat dishes placed on the table and chewing them up.
Song Wanting paled oddly and said, “This…. Yu Jinghai still raises mosquitoes?”
Everyone watched as the black mosquitoes pounced on the meat, the picture was so bizarre that the masters present were baffled and completely unaware of what was going on, asking each other.
But in just a few moments, the meat dish that had been eaten by the black mosquitoes rapidly changed color, and countless smaller black mosquitoes emerged from the meat!

Chapter: 167
In less than five minutes, the dishes that were fresh on the table just a moment ago all decayed and spoiled, drilling out densely packed mosquitoes.
There was a rooster on the grass in the courtyard, which was raised by the Wang family to crow.
A few mosquitoes flew to the rooster at a very fast speed, and after only ten seconds, the rooster screamed, fluttered his wings, fell to the ground and twitched to death.
From the feathers of the dead chicken, a large black mosquito emerged and flew into the air.
The black mosquitoes in the air were dense and overwhelming, pouncing on the crowd like a whirlwind.
The courtyard suddenly exploded, the crowd chaotic, desperately trying to dodge.
The black mosquito is incomparably poisonous, not only bites people, but also from the wound into the skin.
The mosquitoes are very small, only as big as a grain of sand, but even if a black mosquito bites, it will be painful to the point of death.
And the person bitten would also be swollen and in pain.
The masters in the field have taken out their skills, throwing talismans and chanting incantations. A second to remember to read the book
There were even people getting under tables, people plunging into the pool of water, and screams rang out.
“What the hell is this!” Song Wanting was so frightened that she lost her face.
“This is the Corpse Compulsion!” Bao Fugui was shocked and angry, “This is refined from a baby’s corpse, originating from the southern border, I never thought that Yu Jinghai would still raise such a vicious thing.”
Yu Jinghai laughed and said ruthlessly, “This corpse parasite is refined from a fetus, it is the most poisonous, none of you will escape if you don’t take me seriously.”
The black mosquitoes grew more and more, and one old man was bitten and swollen, spitting black blood, and fainted on the ground.
The black mosquitoes in the air were numbing, and Song Wanting was panicked.
But she soon realized that there wasn’t a single mosquito around Ye Chen!
As soon as those mosquitoes got close to Ye Chen, it was as if they encountered something extremely terrifying and instantly turned into black charcoal!
At this moment, Ye Chen had a cold smile on his face and slowly walked towards Yu Jinghai without receiving any obstruction, and in his hand, he was holding a white shell talisman.
This was the thunderstorm order he had refined!
The Bay Talisman was covered in a faint fluorescent light, and there was even silk thunder surrounding it.
Yu Jinghai looked at this scene and muttered, “Why are you…. What’s going on? How is this possible…”
Ye Chen was as if bathed in a layer of light, as if he was a deity himself, and he looked indifferent.
“Impossible! The corpse parasites have been established, it’s impossible for anyone to deal with them!” Yu Jinghai hissed and roared.
Ye Chen looked at Yu Jinghai and sneered, “A carved insect, and you dare to call yourself respectable? Today, I’ll let you see what a true, great supernatural power is!”
Immediately after, Ye Chen shouted, “Lei Lai!”
The words are throwing!
In a flash, a thunderclap was heard in the air, and the sky, which was clear just a moment ago, quickly piled up black clouds!
In the blink of an eye, the entire sky, was already covered with dark clouds!
“This!” Bao Fugui looked up at the sky, so shocked that he couldn’t speak.
Everyone, including Song Wanting, also had the same expression.
Qin Gang’s mouth murmured, “A miracle, this is a miracle!”
In the next second, a silver snake of electric light split straight down from the sky!
The angry thunder struck the mosquitoes, and a large area of them turned into charred charcoal.
Tables and chairs splintered, trees splintered, and the air was filled with a strong smell of charred charcoal.
And Ye Chen stood with his hands in the negative, his head held high and gazed coldly, the thunder around his body flashing, simply like a god descending!
In the courtyard the wind was blowing and the storm was pouring down, washing the scorched ash clean off the ground.
It took a few seconds for the crowd to regain consciousness, leaping around for fear of being struck by lightning.

Chapter: 168
“I go, he, he’s not human! It’s God!”
“Don’t chop me, I’ll kneel down to Master Ye and admit my mistake.”
“Help me, I was wrong!”
Several people threw themselves on their knees and kowtowed to Ye Chen.
Qin Gang was also frightened to drill the table and was in awe to the extreme.
But these several heavenly thunderbolts, like they had eyes, only split the mosquitoes into slag, without hurting anyone.
Yu Jinghai looked extremely horrified and frightened to the core!
He had never dreamed that Ye Chen’s strength would be so terrifying!
Compared to him, I’m just an insect!
If that thunder strikes you, you won’t even be able to keep your corpse!
He was panicked, he crawled up and fled out of the courtyard, he only wanted to run for his life now, flee from Jinling and never come back, how could he think of being a respectable person in Jinling!
“Trying to escape?”
Ye Chen smiled coldly and stretched out his hand, “Lei again!”
A heavenly thunderstorm struck down head-on, splitting Yu Jinghai straight down to the ground, the ceramic jar in his hand shattered.
His hands were in severe pain, and he had broken his nerve, shivering and screaming.
“Ye, Master Ye…. Spare my life….”
Ye Chen looked cold and walked towards him step by step.
“How dare you use a fetus to refine parasites! It is truly hurtful and corrupt!”
“The heavens will punish the evil one! I’ll execute you today! Are you convinced?”
Yu Jinghai opened his mouth wide but couldn’t say anything, he watched the lightning and thunder in the dark clouds and howled with grief and anger in his heart, it seemed that today would be the end of his life….
Why! Why would the Jinling be so terrifying as this? Why did he have to have eyes to trouble him….
Just because Jing Hai thought about the cause and consequence, several thunderbolts struck down in a single beam on Jing Hai!
Master Yu Jinghai, who was so arrogant and arrogant just now, didn’t even have time to scream before he was chopped into a charred mess and fell to the ground.
But no longer able to see the human form, turned into a piece of charred “wood”, a smell of burnt stench spread in the courtyard, smelling sickeningly.
“Rain harvest, wind up!”
With a wave of Ye Chen’s hand, the torrential rain miraculously stopped for an instant, and a gust of wind blew up flat and flew sand and stones, sweeping away the stench of burnt bodies in the courtyard.
In the gust of wind, Ye Chen’s face was calm, as if nothing had happened.
But the crowd in the courtyard had opened their mouths wide in shock.
Qin Aodong was shivering and didn’t dare to speak, if Ye Chen had struck himself with lightning, he would have died long ago, he realized now that Ye Chen had always put him in his eyes, that’s why he was able to survive.
“Master Ye, you…. You are a god!”
Qin Gang’s voice trembled and flung himself on his knees, clasping his hands together at Ye Chen.
Wang Zhenggang was also already scared out of his wits, threw himself on his knees and kneeled a few steps in front of Ye Chen, kowtowing unceasingly.
“Master Ye spare my life, it’s me who is haunted, and with Master Yu…. No, wolf-whistling with Yu Shenwei! I beg Master to spare my life…. I’m willing to be a cow and a horse for Master Ye at his disposal.”
Ye Chen swept him with indifference and walked away from Wang Zhenggang.
Bao Fugui said respectfully; “I see, in the future, the revered person of Nanguang will be Master Ye! In the future, the Southern Canton Xuanxue world, please give orders to Master Ye, we will follow your orders.”
Ordering the entire Southern Canton Region’s occult community, just now everyone was fighting to the death, but now none of them had any objections, all of them were convinced and shouted in unison.
“Please, Master Ye, give the order to Jinling!”

Chapter: 169
The crowd was fighting to the death a moment ago, but now they were all eager for Ye Chen to call the entire Jinling and even the entire Southern Canton region’s occult world, and none of them had any objections, all of them were convinced of Ye Chen.
They had never seen a divine person like Ye Chen, who could draw heavenly thunder with a single word!
This is a great power in the field of metaphysics, unimaginable!
Looking at that Yu Jinghai who was scorched by lightning on the ground, it was clear that Ye Chen’s strength had been unfathomable, and having such a person call on the crowd, not only were the crowd convinced, but they also wished to receive Ye Chen’s instruction.
Ye Chen frowned slightly and said to the crowd, “I’m not an occultist, I don’t usually have much study in Feng Shui Dao and I’m not interested in occultism, so in the future, just let Bao Fugui act as your agent for your side.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the people present opened their mouths wide in shock.
The heavenly thunder just now had already shocked the people’s hearts, and Master Ye actually said that he had no interest in Feng Shui metaphysics? And it’s not even a metaphysician?
Is this just someone’s momentary interest in summoning a few heavenly thunderbolts at random for fun?
Capital suit!
The crowd was silent, you looked at me, I looked at you.
Bao Fugui hesitantly looked at Ye Chen and said respectfully, “It is an honor to share Master Ye’s worries! In the future, please take care of your friends, we will handle small matters on our own, and we will come back to Master Ye for advice on big matters.”
The condensed atmosphere was much more relaxed, and Li Tailai, the richest man in Ocean City, immediately walked over and said respectfully, “Li thanked Master Ye for taking action, and would like to present a check for eighty million dollars as a token of his admiration!”
Guo Ming also stepped forward, ashamedly arching his hands, “Thank you, Master Ye for removing the evil! From now on, Guo Mou will be willing to follow any dispatch from the Supreme Lord of Southern Canton!”
“At your service!”
The crowd saw these two people come forward to pat their horses, immediately not willing to lag behind, they flattered and complimented Ye Chen, there were those who wanted to invite him to dinner, there were those who expressed their loyalty, there were those who presented money, they were surrounded by water.
Bao Fugui said again, “Today’s banquet, the Wang family sponsored 150 million yuan, originally as a prize for each winner, now Master Ye is the first, this prize should naturally be given to Master Ye.”
Wang Zhenggang was still kneeling on the ground and didn’t dare to get up, his forehead was knocked to the ground, he even said in a busy manner, “Master Ye, it’s the little man who has eyes but no pearls, he almost harmed the South Canton group of heroes, please forgive me again!”
Ye Chen frowned and said coldly, “Wang Zhenggang, didn’t you quite believe in that Yu Jinghai before?”
Wang Zhenggang panicked and kowtowed, “Master Ye, I was completely deceived by that Yu Jinghai! Only now do I realize that he is nothing more than a bedbug in front of you, Master Ye, and in the future, I will definitely shine my eyes and worship Master Ye for the rest of my life!”
Saying that, Wang Zhenggang said, “Master Ye, to show my apologies from the bottom of my heart, I would like to send Master Ye another villa, and after I send someone to clean it up, I will present you with the keys, and I would like to ask Master Ye to forgive me for my crime!”
A villa?
Ye Chen’s eyebrows were knitted.
With his price, a villa was nothing.
However, if he went to buy it himself, it would definitely be inappropriate, after all, there was no way to account for the source of funds with his wife.
But if someone wanted to give himself a set, then why would he need to be polite to him?
After all, the family was still living in the old house nowadays, and they did need a change of scenery for a better environment.
As for this Wang Zhenggang, it was true that he was a bit abominable, but seeing as he was deeply repentant, he was not guilty to death.
So, Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Counting you kind, this matter, let’s leave it at that, if it comes to my hands again in the future, I won’t be so um easy to talk to!”

Chapter: 170
Wang Zhenggang was overjoyed and kowtowed in succession, “Thank you, Master Ye! The villain will reflect on this seriously and will never do it again!”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction.
Whirlingly, he looked at Qin Gang who was filled with fear at the side.
Faintly, he asked him, “Qin Gang, does your Qin family think that I, Ye Chen, have cheated you out of your money?”
Qin Gang’s legs went limp and he threw himself on his knees, saying in fear, “Little one wouldn’t dare! I was only momentarily confused and slightly suspicious of Master Ye, but now I’m completely convinced that Master Ye is the true master of mysticism, and I ask Master Ye to forgive me!”
After that, he grabbed the frightened Qin Aodong and shouted angrily, “Bastard, kneel down!”
Qin Aodong was already trembling with fear, and was instantly kneeled down by Qin Gang’s angry shout, shivering, “Master Ye, I was wrong Master Ye! Please forgive me, I really didn’t mean to doubt you!”
Qin Gang threw his hand and gave him a big mouth, followed by a backhanded smack, just like this in a row more than a dozen slaps, smacked Qin Ao Dong cheeks swollen into a pig’s head.
Qin Ao Dong didn’t dare to move, kneeling on the ground whimpering and crying, at this time the beating is nothing to him, he is most afraid that Ye Chen is like dealing with Yu Jinghai, directly move a heavenly thunder and kill himself as well….
Next to him, Qin Ao Xue, his handsome little face was also scared white. One second to remember to read the book
She had never dreamed that Ye Chen was really such an expert with great prowess.
Originally, she still had some anger in her heart towards Ye Chen and felt that she had to find a chance to take revenge on Ye Chen, the Dengtong, for that kick, but now it seemed that the other party was so powerful that she could only worship him!
She was afraid that Ye Chen would bring down the wrath of her younger brother Qin Aodong, and hurriedly knelt down as well, begging, “Master Ye, my younger brother is still young and ignorant, please spare him this time.”
Seeing the three Qin family members all kneeling in front of him, Ye Chen said indifferently, “Since you have a good attitude in admitting your mistakes, let’s put this matter aside for now, but if there are similar things in the future, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
As soon as the three members of the Qin family heard this, they hurriedly kowtowed and thanked each other as if they were greatly pardoned.
Song Wanting stood outside the crowd, watching this scene in her eyes, watching with surging emotions and mixed feelings.
Before today, she had thought that Ye Chen was only somewhat accomplished in antiques, but his background was ordinary and his family was also ordinary, not a big person.
But to her surprise, he was hiding his strength!
Today’s scene had truly shocked Song Wanting so much that she was unable to speak, she had never seen such a scene in her life.
At this moment, Ye Chen ascended a step higher, looked down at the crowd present and said in a cold voice, “Listen up, you guys!”
As soon as this was said, everyone immediately looked up at Ye Chen with full respect, not daring to make a single sound.
Ye Chen looked around at everyone and sternly shouted, “Today’s matter, no one is allowed to mention it to the outside world except for this Dao Gate, otherwise, I’ll make sure to give him a taste of Yu Jinghai’s fate!”
The crowd was in awe, it seemed that Master Ye didn’t want his identity and strength to be passed on!
Truly a master of understatement!
Unlike that Yu Jinghai who was selling his reputation and had a little bit of three-legged magic to openly show off everywhere.
Compared to Master Ye, he was worthless! I deserve to die!
Thus, everyone cupped their fists and bowed, “I respectfully obey Master Ye’s orders!”
Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction at this point and said, “In that case, let’s all disperse today!”

The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 161-170 (2024)


How many chapters are there in The Amazing Son in law The Charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

There is a lot of mystery and intrigue with multi-layered subplots and secondary characters. The bad: Expect some fillers and parts that drag. That is expected in a novel of 5000+ chapters. The main character Ye Chen, a.k.a. Charlie Wade, is the typical god among men and is typical in Chinese novels like this.

Does Charlie Wade ever tell his wife? ›

He never told his wife and the Wilson family about his real identity. The Charismatic Charlie Wade now has the life he has always dreamed of.

How many volumes of The Amazing Son in law are there? ›

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Who is Charlie Wade's wife? ›

Wade is married to former University of Washington volleyball player Tani Martin, with whom he has three sons, Makana, Kainoa & Kekoa.

What is Charlie Wade's true identity? ›

The story revolves around Charlie Wade, a man who, despite being born into wealth and prestige, is shunned by his in-laws and labeled a 'loser'. This perception is further fueled by Charlie's choice to keep his true identity as the CEO of the Emgrand Group a secret.

Was Charlie Wade the live in son in law? ›

Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually! This is Book 1 of 【The Amazing Son-in-Law】The Charismatic Charlie Wade.

How many chapters are in Charlie and the? ›

The novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has 30 chapters. The book was well-received, so Dahl wrote a sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, which was published in 1972.

Is charismatic Charlie Wade a live-in son-in-law? ›

Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret.

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade is an urban/realistic male-centered fiction that revolves around the male lead Charlie Wade. Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone hated and despised, but nobody knew his real identity which is being the heir of a prominent family.


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