Subway to Central Park: Your Essential Guide to NYC Transit (2024)

Are you planning a visit toCentral Parkand wondering what theBest Subway TrainandStations? With this article of myNYC BLOGyou are in the right place.

In fact, today I will explain in detail which Subway stops located in New York City are closest to Central Park.

That way, whether you are in Times Square, Grand Central Station, Lower Manhattan or anywhere else in NYC, you will always know which subway train to take to visit Central Park.

This New York City park is a Landmark that attracts million visitors annually.

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You will find a lot of useful tips to plan your next visit to Central Park by Subway!

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Where is the most iconic NYC park: location and how to get there

Central Park is located in Manhattan, New York, United States.

This gigantic park connects Midtown Manhattan with Uptown Manhattan.

The New York City Subway system is perfect to connect you to each part of Central Park.

To the left of Central Park is the Upper West Side. To the right, on the other hand, is the Upper East Side.

North of the park is Harlem, an area of Manhattan with lots of culture.

Whereas to the south is the most touristy part of NYC: Midtown Manhattan.

Here you will indeed find Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, and much more.

Need more help navigating this iconic park? Check out the official Central Park Maps!

How to get to Central Park by Subway: best stations and trains

To figure out the best subway station for Central Park, you first need to figure out what area you want to visit.

For this reason, the next section of this NYC Blog is divided in three parts: the lower part of Central Park, the middle one and the upper part of the NYC most famous park.

That way, whichever part of Central Park you want to visit, you will always know which subway train to take to get there.

There are plenty of subway lines that go to Central Park. For example you can take the m1 m2 m3 or m4 from Midtown and go up to the 96 st or 110th Streets.

This article will really help you to understand which is the best subway to Central Park!

South West entrance next to Columbus Circle

The nearest Subway Station to Central Park’s Southwest entrance is called59 Street Columbus Circle.

In fact, once you exit the subway, you will be right in front of Columbus Circle and the entrance to Central Park.

When you are at Columbus Circle, keep in mind a few cool things you could do:

  • Check out my blog about theShops at Columbus Circle: it’s a huge shopping mall right next to the entrance of Central Park South
  • Also, if you visit NYC during the holiday season, discover theColumbus Circle Winter Market
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So many Subway Trains run through Columbus Circle to get to Central Park. Among them:

  • 1, 2, A and C – Best if you are coming from Times Square or Penn Station on the 34th Street. Both 1, 2, A and C run from the stop at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, a few steps from Times Square.
  • B and D – These two subway lines come from Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park.

Columbus Circle in Central Park South is also the closest entrance to visit one of the NYC most famous landmarks:Central Park Carousel: NYC Guide on Tickets, Hours & Photos

Central Park South East

If you want to enter Central Park from its South East entrance, then my advice to you is to take the subway lines number N, R or W.

All three of these subway lines come directly from Times Square.

The Times Square stop is located at 7th Avenue and 49th Street, just a short walk from the very famous Times Square Red Stairs.

This subway stop is just a few steps away from the iconicChristmas in New York Shop.

In contrast, the stop near the South East entrance is called 5th Avenue and 59th Street.

Once you exit the subway, you will see before your eyes the beautiful Plaza Hotel. If you visit NYC during the Holiday Season, don’t forget to check out thePlaza Hotel Christmas Tree.

From there also starts the most touristy part of Fifth Avenue. Remember to read my article about thebest Christmas lights and decorations on the 5th Ave.

Thanks to the Subway to Central Park South East you can enter the park and start exploring some of the most iconic places in New York.

Subway to Central Park: Your Essential Guide to NYC Transit (2)

Get to the middle of Central Park by Subway: Upper West Side

The best way to visit the middle part of the park and focus on the area near the Upper West Side is to get off at the 72nd Street stop.

In fact, here you will be right next to the Dakota, the building where John Lennon lived.

From here you will be two steps away from some of its most famous areas.

These include iconic landmarks like Strawberry Fields, John Lennon Memorial,Bow Bridge, The Ramble and the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain.

The subway lines that stop at the intersection of 72nd Street and Central Park West are the blue A and C and the orange B.

Visit the Upper East Side with the best Subway Stations

If you want to access Central Park from the Upper East Side, the easiest way is to take the green 4 or 6 subway from Grand Central Terminal.

In my opinion, the best subway stop to access Central Park on the Upper East Side is on77th Streetat the intersection with Lexington Avenue.

From here you only need to walk west for a very few minutes. First you will cross the madison avenue and then you enter the park.

This is the area where you will find The MET Museum and the Alice in Wonderland statue. This is the NYC area that is called “Museum Mile”.

If you wish to try something sweet and delicious, read my article onLevain Bakery in the Upper East Side.

Central Park North: Harlem

The North part of the NYC landmark means Harlem, and the best way to get there is to take the Red 2 or 3 subway from Times Square.

The stop you need to get off at is calledCentral Park North 110 Street.

From here, the entrance to the park will really be just a stone’s throw away.

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Subway to Central Park: Your Essential Guide to NYC Transit (2024)


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