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In Charlie's view, Madagascar is an excellent country for labor reform.

First of all, the local economy is extremely underdeveloped and the conditions are extremely poor, so it has a very good disciplinary significance for Olivia and others;

Secondly, the more economically underdeveloped places, the more human labor is needed, and most of the labor is farm work. Sugarcane and cotton are all native products of Africa and require a lot of manpower to pick. The workload is large enough for this. Help people experience the joy of labor;

At that time, let Zara banks get Lord Banks large estate in Madagascar, buy more land to grow sugarcane cotton, and all the farming work is left to this group of people.

Olivia was about to collapse at this time.

She was very angry at first, and she always felt that she was going to be the queen soon, so she was extremely proud.

But she never dreamed that Charlie would send him to Madagascar, where he would chop sugarcane and pick cotton!

This is something that the poor people do only locally in Africa. Let her, a princess, do it. How can she accept it...

So she broke down and cried, and pleaded bitterly: "MR. Wade, I really don't want to go to Madagascar. Please sell me to Aman Ramovich, he will definitely be willing to pay you a sum of money, why? It's much more cost-effective than sending me to Madagascar."

Olivia was originally a 10,000 upstart who didn't look down on Aman Ramovic, but now Aman Ramovic has become a sweet pastry in her eyes.

She thought to herself: "Aman Ramovich has always wanted to marry a woman of royal background. Since he is willing to marry Helena, he must be willing to marry me. He is even willing to pay hundreds of millions of euros for Helena, so he must be willing too. For me to pay the same price, in that case, I can go to Russia to be a wife...”

Just when Olivia felt that Charlie would definitely agree to this proposal, Charlie sneered and asked her: "I remember you seem to look down on that Aman Ramovich, why are you rushing to marry? He?”

Olivia hurriedly explained: "I also want to create more income for you, MR. Wade. If you want, you can make hundreds of millions of euros from Aman Ramovic!”

Charlie smiled and said: "I think you are thinking too much, how could I let you follow Aman Ramovic to Russia to enjoy the happiness? Since I said that I want you to reform through labor, then I must arrange you until you need you most. At the moment, I think there is no place where you need you more than Madagascar!”

Olivia cried bitterly and pleaded: "MR. Wade.I am a weak woman, even if she goes to Madagascar, she won't be able to play any role. You might as well let me earn a lot of money for you. Please.”

Charlie turned a deaf ear to her plea, and he had made up his mind to prevent Olivia and the group from leaving Madagascar for the rest of their lives.

At this time, Helena swarmed with dozens of Royal Guards.

Knowing that someone was going to kill the queen, these royal guards were highly nervous one by one, rushing up all the way with guns and live ammunition.

Seeing that the Queen had awakened at this time, the head of the Royal Guard said with surprise: "Your Majesty, are awake!”

The empress nodded slightly and said: "Bruno, control all these people and guard them strictly. Never let anyone go!”

The white male called Bruno immediately said loudly: "Your Majesty, don't worry, I will not let any of them escape!”

"Okay.” The queen nodded with a tired look and waved her hand: "Okay, take all these people down! Detain them in the underground wine cellar!”


The Royal Guards, armed with guns and live ammunition, immediately arrested the William family and Olivia family, as well as the people in black who had been abandoned by Charlie.

Even William and Olivia's mother, who had returned to the room to rest, were arrested by the Royal Guard and sent to the underground wine cellar together.

Soon, Olivia's men sent Helena's mother back.

They brought Helena's mother into the palace and were immediately arrested by the Royal Guard.

Seeing her mother who was much thinner, Helena ran over excitedly, embracing her and she was in pain.

Chapter 3614Chapter 3616
Read The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 3615 (2024)


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