Read The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 2646 (2024)

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Chapter 2645Chapter 2647

Pollard didn’t know Charlie’s plan.

When he heard that Charlie planned to use the money to solve the problem, he was a little relieved.

Originally, he hoped that the U.S. Embassy would pay for the ransom, but the Embassy’s attitude was very tough and did not give the opposition any room for negotiation.

Now, Charlie is willing to pay for the ransom in their place. He feels that once the core demands of the opposition are met, they will naturally honor their promise.

So, he said to Charlie gratefully: “Charlie, everything is up to you!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Uncle, don’t worry, the plane is about to take off, so I won’t tell you anymore.”

Pollard hurriedly said, “Well, that uncle is waiting for you to return safely!”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie was already seated in the Concorde. He and Issac buckled their seat belts under the reminder of the crew. Then, the plane sprinted at the end of the runway with all its strength and rose into the air.

The biggest feature of the Concorde airliner is that it flies fast and high, and its cruising altitude has reached an astonishing 18,000 meters.

After the aircraft climbed to a predetermined altitude in one breath, it began to enter supersonic cruise.

Charlie has been lying leaning against a comfortable first-class seat with his eyes closed and rested. Issac on the side seemed a little excited. While holding a mobile phone and using the expensive satellite network to communicate with others, he held a pen, Constantly writing and drawing on the small book.

Halfway through the voyage, Charlie opened his eyes, looked at him, and asked curiously, “Mr. Issac, what are you painting there?”

Issac hurriedly said: “Master, the master gave me the contact information of the Lebanese counterpart. I communicated with the other party and learned some more specificinformation. Now I am sorting out the resources we need touse.”

Charlie asked him, “Are there any new specific information?” Issac said: “Yes, the position of the opposition garrison hasbeen determined. It is in a small mountain town 80 kilometers north of the Syrian capital. The master has opened up the border between the two countries. When we arrive inLebanon, we can directly transfer to the opposition’s location by helicopter. Where the pie is.”

After speaking, he said again: “Master, the military strength of the opposition is still very strong. According to the information received by the Syrian military, they have stationed at least two thousand soldiers in this position. Each soldier is equipped with automatic weapons. It is also equipped with more than a dozen tanks and armored vehicles and four armed helicopters. If we go by helicopter, the other party will probably send an armed helicopter directly to attack us, I am afraid it will be difficult to get close!”

Charlie pondered for a moment and then said: “Then, let your contacts prepare a fixed-wing aircraft in Lebanon. The aircraft will take me to the sky above the destination, and I willparachute down by myself.”

Issac blurted out and asked, “Master…you want to go by yourself?!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Of course, could it be the two of us going together?”

Issac hurriedly said: “Master, what I mean is, we’d better mobilize a group of foreign aid in Lebanon. I have asked the docking person to contact the mercenary resources in Lebanon, and I am contacting as many mercenaries aspossible.”

Charlie waved his hand: “The opponent has 2,000 soldiers and heavy weapons. This is basically a regiment configuration. Inthis case, it makes no sense for us to find mercenaries.”

“If you want to be able to fight them, at least you have to have thousands of well-equipped mercenaries, not to mention that since the opponent is stationed in a small town, he must have a strong mass base in the local area. Adding thousands of militiamen with live ammunition, I believe that the reason why the government forces failed was that they underestimated their military strength and combat potential.”

“And don’t forget, the purpose of our visit this time is to save people, not to wipe out the opposition for the Syrian government forces. If we really bring a thousand mercenaries to fight over, this group of people may not come to death. Kill all those hostages, even if they are all wiped out then, whatcan we do?”

Chapter 2645Chapter 2647
Read The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 2646 (2024)


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