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Grade Options

You have the choice of taking classes for a Letter Grade, Pass/Not Pass, or Audit options unless a restriction is stated in the course description.

    1. Letter Grade: If you do not indicate a selection, we will automatically assign the Letter Grade option (A, B, C, D or F).
    2. Pass/Not Pass: If you earn a grade of “C” or better and have a Pass/Not Pass grade, it is recorded as a Pass and you receive unit credit for the course. If you earn a grade of “C-” or below, the grade is recorded as a Not Pass, and you will receive no unit credit for the course. In both cases, your grade for the course will not be computed into your grade point average.
    3. Audit: You may enroll to attend any Summer Session course on a “not-for-credit” basis. Students completing coursework or tests from previous quarters should use this grading option. If you wish to audit a course, please follow regular registration procedures and pay the full fee listed for each course. Classes taken for “audit” will not appear on your transcript.

Incomplete Grades

An “I” or Incomplete grade is assigned to a student by an instructor when the student’s work is of passing quality, but is incomplete because of circ*mstances beyond the student’s control, and when the student has been temporarily excused by the instructor from completing the course work. The student must make arrangements with their instructor to complete the coursework within a period of no more than twelve months following the term in which the Incomplete grade was originally awarded, or prior to the end of the quarter immediately preceding award of the degree, whichever comes first. The instructor is not obligated to allow the maximum time period.

Grades Not Reported

An “NR” or No Report is given when an instructor’s final grade course report is not submitted or when the student’s name was on the official class roster, but the instructor did not assign a grade for the student. NR becomes an F or NP after one quarter of subsequent enrollment or at the end of the quarter immediately preceding award of the degree, whichever comes first. Please consult the UCI General Catalog for additional details.

Students making up an “NR” or an “I” from a previous quarter should enroll in Summer Session using the Audit grade option. Course fees and all Summer Session deadlines still apply.

General Course Information

Important Dates

Please note: The deadline for adding or dropping without approval is at the end of the first week of instruction for session 1 or 2 and the end of second week of instruction for session 10 week. The deadline for a refund is at the end of the second week of instruction for session 1 or 2 and the end of the fourth week of instruction for session 10 week. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make any adds or drops during the first week of instruction for session 1 or 2 and the first two weeks of instruction for session 10 week. For those students making any adds or drops during the second week of instruction for session 1 or 2 and the third through fourth week of instruction for session 10 week, you must obtain approval and submit your form to the Summer Session Office by the deadline. This applies to students who are dropping courses and requesting a refund by the deadline. Summer Session deadlines will be strictly enforced.

Final Exams

Final examinations for Session 1 and Session 2 are normally scheduled as listed. The final examinations for the 10-week session are scheduled for Friday, August 30th at your usual class time, unless your instructor has made other arrangements.

After final examinations, the Summer Session course is over and no part of the course work may be continued beyond the close of the session. In addition, special examinations and reexaminations in summer courses are normally not permitted.


SessionIWednesday, July 31
SessionIIWednesday, September 11
SessionIThursday, August 1
SessionIITuesday, September 10

Your instructor may elect to give your final earlier or at a different time from the above schedule. Please be sure to confirm the time of your final with your instructor. Acknowledging course schedules and final exam(s) dates and times are the responsibility of the student. Please plan accordingly.

University Credit

At UCI, courses are assigned a unit value determined by the number of hours of work required of the student, rather than the number of class meetings. Normally, two hours of preparation are required for one hour of lecture.

If you are from a school on the semester system, here is how to convert quarter units, as currently used by the University of California, to semester units: simply multiply the number of quarter units by 2/3. Therefore, 4 quarter units are equal to 2-2/3 semester credits, etc. Please be sure to check in with your Academic Counselor at your home campus to confirm the amounts you will be able to transfer.

The Credit value of each course in quarter units is indicated by a number in parentheses ( ) following the title.

Candidacy for Degrees

If you plan to use Summer Session courses in partial fulfillment of the requirements for higher degrees and certificates, please seek the advice and study list approval from the appropriate advisor in your major concentration. Acceptance of a particular course toward any University degree is also subject to the approval of the dean of the school in which the degree is offered.

If you are a UCI undergraduate student who is finishing your coursework for a degree this summer, file an application for graduation with your School or program. Check with your academic counseling office for deadlines.

Tax Reporting

By paying UCI tuition and fees, you may be eligible for a Education Tax Credits.

To assist in determining your eligibility for these benefits, UCI may issue a Tuition Payments Statement (IRS Form 1098-T), using the Social Security Number (SSN) and permanent address on file for you at the Office of the Registrar. For more information on receiving your 1098-T please visit the Financial Services website.

If it is necessary to add or update your SSN, you are required to submit a written request by mail, or in person, to the UCI Registrar’s Office (215 Aldrich Hall, Irvine, CA 92697-4975). Your request must be accompanied by a legible copy of your signed U.S. Social Security Card. For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (949) 824-6124 (Mon – Fri, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST).

Read IRS Publication 970 for instructions on claiming a tax benefit for education. Although the information on your 1098-T may be helpful in calculating the amount of benefit you may be eligible to claim, your personal financial records serve as the official supporting documentation for your federal tax return. Students are encouraged to keep receipts for tuition, fees, books, and course materials to substantiate their claims.

The information on this page is provided as a service to UCI students and their families. UCI personnel and TCRS representatives are unable to provide individual tax advice. Please contact a qualified tax expert, or the IRS (800) 829-1040, or visit the IRS web site ( for advice on figuring your taxes.

SSN disclosure is mandatory. The University is required by federal law to report your SSN and other pertinent information to the Internal Revenue Service, pursuant to the reporting requirements imposed by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, and related legislation. The University also will use the SSN you supply to verify your identity. This notification is provided to you as required by the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.


Your Summer Session course grade is recorded and available about two weeks after the end of the session on theUCI Registrar’s Student Access website. Fees for transcript requests vary based on what type and quantity of transcripts are ordered, as well as how they are delivered. Please visit theUCI Office of the Registrarfor more information.

UCI Students

Your summer coursework will automatically be recorded on your UCI transcript.

UC Students

If you are regularly enrolled at another UC campus, a transcript will be sent to your home campus after the end of the summer. Please allow several weeks for your home campus to update your transcript with your Summer Session courses.


If you would like a copy of your transcript, please request one from theUCI Office of the Registrar’s website.

Or visit the UCI Office of the Registrar in person during your stay at UCI.

University Registrar
215 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1975Visiting International students, please visit theRegistrar’s websitewhere you can order your transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Need to Know | Important Information for Students (2024)


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